VISIA Skin Analysis

Genetics, environment, and lifestyle all play a part in our aging process and, specifically, our skin. At Synergy, we know each patient is unique and we love to provide custom skin care routines, products, and treatments. Being able to treat each person individually and with the best care for them means we will help you meet your goals.

We are thrilled to offer our patients an amazing new tool — the 7th Generation VISIA Skin Analysis System!  This device allows us to go beyond the surface and look deeper in the skin to gain insights into how to help your skin look its very best. Knowledge is power — and you will be able to see your results immediately with this amazing technology.

Advanced technology with IntelliFlash, cross-polarized and UV lighting will record and measure skin features. This newest generation design smoothly rotates around your face, providing in-depth information that can’t be seen with the naked eye. With our VISIA System, we are able to distinguish between discolouration, wrinkles, pores, and texture on the surface of your skin and UV spots, brown spots, red areas, and porphyrins (bacterial excretions) that may not be visible.

Features of the new VISIA include:

  • Determine your TruSkin Age, allowing us to recommend the best products for your skin concerns
  • Advanced aging simulation
  • Percentile scores — how your skin compares to the average person of the same age
  • Skin Type Detection
  • ViewMyConsult Integration — through a web portal, clients can access their images, treatment recommendations, and progress from anywhere.

At Synergy, we always provide custom skin care recommendations for our clients. We chose the newest VISIA System because we know its unparalleled technology allows us to provide even better care for our patients! We are offering this complimentary analysis as part of your treatment plan. Once you have started your new routine, VISIA will allow us to track your progress with comparison analyses — so you can truly see your results!

Please get in touch with any questions you may have and to book your appointment now.

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