Botox Lip Flip

The Botox lip flip offers a unique approach to lip enhancement by using the power of Botox injections. Unlike lip fillers that add volume to the lips, the lip flip technique enhances the shape and appearance of the upper lip by relaxing the muscles around the mouth. This allows the upper lip to gently roll upward, revealing more of the upper lip border and creating the illusion of fuller, shapelier lips. With the Botox lip flip, you can achieve a more defined and alluring smile while maintaining your natural look.

Treatment Length
10-15 minutes
How long does it last?
3-4 months

Benefits of Botox Lip Flip

Subtle and Natural: The Botox lip flip provides a more subtle enhancement compared to lip fillers, making it an excellent choice for those seeking the most natural result or just starting to explore injectables.

Maintains Lip Texture: Unlike fillers that may alter the texture of the lips, the Botox lip flip preserves the natural texture and “lip print”, allowing you to enjoy a softer, smoother smile.

Gummy Smile Solution: A Botox lip flip can help reduce the appearance of a gummy smile by relaxing the muscles that elevate the upper lip, resulting in less gum exposure when smiling.

Is the Botox Lip Flip Right for You?

Our injectable specialists Dan and Matt will assess your individual goals and anatomy to determine if the Botox lip flip is suitable for you. We will discuss your desired outcome and help you make an informed decision that aligns with your unique preferences and facial features.

Questions & Answers

What is a Botox lip flip?

The Botox lip flip is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that uses Botox injections to enhance the appearance of the upper lip. It involves injecting Botox into specific muscles around the mouth to relax them, allowing the upper lip to roll slightly upward and create a fuller, more defined look.

How does the Botox lip flip work?

Botox is a neurotoxin that temporarily paralyzes muscles when injected. In the case of the lip flip, a small amount of Botox is strategically injected into the muscles surrounding the upper lip. This relaxes the muscles, causing the upper lip to gently flip upward and expose more of the lip’s vermilion border.

How long does the Botox lip flip last?

The results of a Botox lip flip typically last around 2 to 3 months. Over time, the effects gradually diminish, and you may choose to schedule touch-up treatments to maintain your desired lip appearance.

Can anyone get a Botox lip flip?

While the Botox lip flip is suitable for many individuals, it is essential to have a consultation with our experts to determine if it is the right option for you. Factors such as your specific lip anatomy, medical history, and expectations will be considered to ensure the best possible outcome.

Can I combine the Botox lip flip with other treatments?

Absolutely! The Botox lip flip can be combined with other treatments, such as dermal fillers, to further enhance your desired lip aesthetics. During your complimentary consultation, we will discuss your goals and customize a treatment plan that suits your particular needs.

How much is a lip flip?

Botox Lip Flip at Synergy in Nanaimo is available at a fixed cost of $150.

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